Friday, May 2, 2014

New Bathroom

Dear Ones~
I thought you would like to see what we have been doing for the last 2 weeks. Our poor old bathroom needed to be remodeled. It was waaaay past time. Our house was built in 1970, and the bathroom has never had any attention. First of all, you need to know that our bathroom is the size of a small walk-in closet. It's a one-butt bathroom. Two people cannot fit in there comfortably. It was great fun having only one bathroom the size of a postage stamp when our 2 kids were both teenagers. We were on a schedule when it came to getting ready for school. You snooze, you lose - LITERALLY! But I digress - time for a remodel.

Here's what it looked like when everything was taken out.
Right down to the bare bones so to speak. UGH!!! What a MESS!!!! That's where the tub was.

Goodbye avocado tub and toilet.....bleh! Sooo glad to get rid of THAT!!!
Our black lab Ebony is helping - she was always helping!!!!

So, after 2 weeks of a mess everywhere, and dust up the wazoo, here is the final product.

I love the shower curtain. Looks like birch tree trunks. And can you see the tiny little cardinal sitting on that ledge in the tub? I love him.
So that's what we have been doing. I must say I'm very happy with the result, and also VERY happy to have it complete. I was getting extremely tired of the mess.

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry, no cards today - make a good weekend my friends.


  1. LOVE it! It's beautiful, even if it is only a 1 butt-bathroom! lol Now I can see the birch trees and you know I LOVE that Red Cardinal! So happy for your remodel.....enjoy!

  2. Such a beautiful new bathroom.Now go take a soak and enjoy:)xo

  3. This is beautiful! Our house was built in the 70's too. We have one very small bathroom. It has two doors going into it, one from the hallway and one from the laundry room. It was very interesting when both of the kids were living here. So happy for you! Love the Red Cardinal!

  4. Awww chicken soooo pleased for you and it looks so beautiful, enjoy it and light some nice candles and have lots of bubbles sweetpea xx

  5. Very beautiful! They did a fabulous job on the remodeling! The faucet and cabinet above the toilet looks like the same stuff that we have! Enjoy! You guys deserve it! Have a Blessed day!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Judy! Good things come to those who wait! I hope you enjoy it for many years!

  7. Judy, I love the final result of your bathroom! I need to have mine remodeled too. It's way out of date compared to the rest of the house. But I just had my concrete driveway replaced last summer and I'm putting up a new fence this year so the bathroom always seems to fall into last place. PS: can I borrow your workmen?

  8. I saw your post earlier today, but wanted time to read and comment at my leisure. What a difference. Not sure what the old BR looked like, but the avocado tub was a sneak peak. So this new BR is so bright and deserving for you. The birch tree curtain and the cardinal are perfect for your neck of the woods. Congrats, all of this work and the guest designer too?

  9. Your bathroom looks fantastic Judy. I love the shelves in the tub. Lots of room for things you need.