Monday, February 13, 2017

Wall Paper and Water Color
Dear Ones~
Tonight's card has been created for the Power Poppy Power & Spark Challenge for February. The challenge is to color your image so that it looks like there are no lines, just the color. This is usually done by stamping the image with very light ink and then coloring it with your medium of choice. Or, the image can be printed out on your printer in grey scale so that the lines are very light. Well......just shoot me now. This is really, REALLY hard!!!!

Here's my card:

I decided to make this card very simple so that the eye was drawn to the water colored image. As some of you know, I recently purged my craft room and got rid of a TON of stuff, and among all that were 5 wallpaper books that I tossed. But first I went through them and pulled out all the patterns that caught my eye. It makes wonderful background paper. This background has a rich metallic gold look. I thought it made that image pop.

Here are the Ingredients:
GKD Dark Chocolate Card Stock
Best of Basic Grey Patterned Paper (the teal)
Stash Wallpaper
Power Poppy Springtime Love Stamp
Peerless Water Colors

So that's it for me tonight. I got my hair did today, so I feel pretty...ha ha!!! Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your kind comments. Hope you have a great week dear readers!!! XO~


  1. WOW! I don't believe you when you say this was hard. This is absolutely gorgeous. So grand just making it simple and letting the flower be the best part. Good use of the background paper too. Loving this!

  2. Well, if it was hard you sure did a great job with it. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the background paper and never would have thought to use wallpaper.....great idea!

  3. Oh the wallpaper does make for an amazing background! Glad you kept some before the Great Purge of 2017 lol This was a very difficult Challenge for me as well, but YOURS came out beautifully! It's so soft and lovely. I love that you water colored it and the image is beautiful. This is perfect in every way! Well done!

  4. Well, this is super gorgeous! I tried it again and still mine looked like a flop. So as much as I admire the technique I think it is not for me. My hands shake too much and it ended up looking like a first grader trying to do something. But you certainly mastered it. I got rid of all my wallpaper too, as I had it around for years. I think I might still have one book left. It works for background paper well, but some of them won't allow stamping on them so well. Some of mine melted when I tried to add some wet embossed images. LOL

  5. First of all I admire that you were able to purge the wall paper books, but you were smart. You would probably never use the patterns that did not catch your eye unless there was a challenge that said you had to. Actually, that would be a good challenge. Use a paper that you absolutely hate. lol. Anyway your image is fabulous and colored beautifully with no lines.I love that after all that work you let it shine.

  6. GORGEOUS!!! I love the wallpaper background and I agree it makes the perfectly colored image pop. Isn't it nice to feel pretty??? Happy Valentine's Day

  7. You did a fabulous job on the no line coloring, Judy. And this is your first time? It looks like you're a pro.

  8. Ha ha! Okay Judy when I read your just shoot me now line I had that same thought when I was doing this technique. However your card turned out BEAUTIFUL compared to mine. Your card looks like an art piece on the wall. Can't see the lines at all, the coloring is beautiful. Personally I would say you got this girl. Beautiful card!

  9. I think you did a fabulous job!! I actually have this stamp; so I may have to give this challenge another go...the no lines completely changes the look of this stamp! Love it!!